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Blondes of Cottingham

We are a coffee shop offering delicious vegetarian and vegan food, cakes and products. We're not about converting people, but about educating, raising awareness and offering delicious and fabulous alternatives. Compassionate, non-violent, for the Earth, for the people and for the animals.

Blondes of Cottingham

01482 843367

106 King Street, Cottingham, HU16 5QE

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Opening hours

8:30-5:00 Monday - Friday

  9-5 Saturday

The Blondes concept was born in 2003 and we have evolved and grown into the unique business we are today.


You can always guarantee a warm welcome and friendly chat and gossip! Or if you prefer we'll leave you alone to chill and soak up the relaxed atmosphere!



Look for the fairy in the window!

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